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What is the Difference Between Personal Injury and Bodily Injury?

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TK Law's experienced attorneys help you get compensated for personal injury after an accident. Know the difference between personal and bodily injury, call us.

Understand the difference between a personal injury and bodily injury from experienced lawyers at TK Law. Are you a victim? Contact our team today.

After an accident, there are important terms to become knowledgeable of so you can get the compensation you deserve and heal. The distinction between personal injury and bodily injury is vital to know as you find an experienced legal team to guide you and navigate the steps needed with insurance companies.

Personal Injury Considerations Personal injury relates to any injuries you experienced because of the accident. Depending on the type of accident – car crash, slip and fall, defective products, or wrongful death – the injuries sustained can be substantial. A personal injury case is a civil claim that can be filed against the negligent person or entity that caused the harm. In personal injury cases, the negligent party’s careless actions or failure to meet a standard of care caused the wrongdoing. Personal injury goes beyond just physical injuries and can include emotional and mental damages that stem from your pain and suffering. Many personal injuries involve a lifetime of care. From long-term medical bills, rehabilitative care, and other related considerations, a personal injury attorney will help estimate these extensive costs so that your personal injury case truly reflects the value of lifetime care.

Bodily Injury Factors Bodily injury only relates to physical injuries from another person. Bodily injury is not a legal claim; it is a term used to identify specific physical damages that an individual is experiencing. Bodily injuries can occur in various scenarios, from criminal cases when an individual harms someone to how auto and business insurance policy coverage can compensate for these types of concerns. When you look up your auto policy information, it will show if you have coverage for bodily injuries. With business policies, this type of coverage helps should someone become injured on your property. Auto insurance companies typically will pay up to the maximum amount on your specific policy depending on the medical treatment and severity of your injuries.

Takeaway A seasoned personal injury attorney will tenaciously represent you to help you get reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses, including physical therapy, medicine, hospital transportation costs, and lost wages from recovering from your injuries. Each personal injury case is unique, and a law firm with a successful track record will know how to prove your claims and hold the wrongdoers liable, especially if their legal team is pushing for a settlement. Calling on trusted legal counsel promptly after an accident can make all the difference. From helping you to sort out the limits of your insurance policy to the negligent party’s responsibilities and preserving all evidence to show how you were harmed, attorneys help level the playing field so your rights are upheld.

Contact Us Clients have entrusted the law firm of Trentalange & Kelley, P.A. to represent them and their loved ones in personal injury cases for many years. The TK Firm is known for giving each person and case all the attention they deserve to provide the best possible representation. They are available 24/7 at 813-226-1080 for a free initial consultation.


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