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How Can a DUI Accident Lawyer Help You?

A paper with "DUI Driving under the Influence" next to a gavel.
Being in a car accident with a drunk driver is daunting. Contact the experienced lawyers at TK Law today.

You’re involved in a car accident and the person who hit you was driving under the influence. Now what? Not knowing your rights as a victim or the myriad complex legal ramifications associated with defending yourself or a loved one can be (and quite frankly) are daunting.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the yearly cost of alcohol-related car crashes is more than $44 billion. As a victim, the costs are even greater, given the physical, emotional, and financial toll it may take on you and your family.

Every DUI case can be like a maze, with the uniqueness and seriousness varying depending on what happened and how. In any case, the questions come at you right away:

  • What if the responsible party does not have insurance (or money)?

  • What if their insurance company denies or reduces your claim?

  • Who is liable for your medical bills and other related damages?

  • What if you have to miss work?

  • How long does the settlement process take and what do you do in the interim?

Having a DUI attorney who is committed to checking every detail involved with the accident is imperative. A good DUI attorney knows how to document, investigate and litigate your case to the fullest extent of the law, determine who (and what) was at fault, and offer you a little peace of mind amid what can be overly anxious times.

With the litany of materials, paperwork, and questions regarding your case in continual motion, having an attorney available at all times to offer consultation and transparency is critical in successfully navigating your settlement. A skilled personal injury lawyer understands the various financial compensation packages that you are entitled to.

For example, because Florida laws are structured to provide additional compensation if you have been injured by a person who was driving under the influence, you may be available for the Crimes Compensation Act, formerly called the Victim’s Compensation Fund. These funds are available to victims of DUI- and DWUI-related incidents.

With more than 56 years of experience, our legal team at Trentalange & Kelley P.A. is committed to making your case personal. From negotiating with insurers to aggressively representing you against opposing counsel and big companies, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to giving you the advantages you need for your case. Don’t let your DUI experience impact you any more than it already has, contact Trentalange & Kelley P.A. today at 813-226-1080 for a free consultation today.


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