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Types of Defective Product Claims

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TK Law explains the different types of Product Claims

Learn how to differentiate between the different types of defective product claims. Our defective product lawyers explain on the blog.

Defective product lawsuits are noteworthy personal injury claims as they often involve everyday products and specialty items that we all rely on and enjoy. Current news headlines show the diversity of defective products from kids sandals that cause a choking hazard to pajamas that create burn injuries, VR headsets that cause bad skin reactions, off-road recreational vehicles that create fire hazards, and chest of drawers that cause a tip over and entrapment hazards to handheld fans that overheat while charging, and medicine that has been tampered creating life-threatening reactions.

There are different types of defective product claims, and knowing which category your serious concern falls in is helpful for you to get the compensation you deserve to heal. Defective products can occur throughout the life cycle of a product, from its design, construction, formulation, preparation, installation, or usage. Many serious and sometimes deadly injuries are caused by the thousands of defective products in circulation. A defective product attorney helps clients to determine who is liable for the injuries or wrongful death. A defective product lawyer will examine if the product manufacturer, installer or assembler, wholesaler, or retailer is the source of the wrongdoing.

When a product does not work as intended, there are three typical sources of negligence. Victims must show that the product was not just defective but that it clearly caused the injury.

Defective Manufacturing

As one of the main types of defective product claims, defective manufacturing demonstrates some error in the making of the product. An issue at a factory could have caused a fabrication error, making it somehow faultier than other products in the same line. A vehicle missing a part, a toy with a cracked piece or tainted medicine are examples of this type of issue. A defective product attorney will assess how the product did not conform to its intended design, thus causing the problem. Consumers deserve to have safe products when used as intended and to not be at risk of harm.

Defective Design

The next most frequent types of defective product claims involve products where the design is outright harmful or faulty. Vehicles that are prone to safety issues, products that fail to protect body parts, and flammable items are in the class of defective items. A defective product lawyer has a lot of experience helping both victims and bystanders who have been affected by shoddy products.

Inadequate Warnings or Instructions

Other types of defective product claims involve products that do not have adequate warnings or instructions for individuals to use them properly. Often these dangers are not obvious to consumers, and these types of details are a must if an individual should be using special precautions when using a product. Examples of these types of claims include medicine that does warn about harmful side effects, especially when taken with other medicines or supplements. Household items that do not have thorough instructions about safe handling and use are another example. Defective product attorneys have seen scenarios where the location of the wording has not been effective, wording can be so minimal that it is not useful, and translation from one language to another has caused harm.


When a defective product has injured you or a loved one, it is critical to maintain the evidence and take photos of the accident site and injuries. A defective product lawyer helps victims in this complicated area of the law get the right expert testimony, seek damages for their loss, and put their needs first to recover and heal.

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