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What Kind of Lawyer Can Help with Defective Product Claims?

A paper with "Defective Product" written on it with a gavel.
The experienced lawyers of TK Law can help you with your defective product claim.

Are you a victim of a defective product? Find out which kind of lawyer you need for your case. Reach out to our defective product lawyers at TK Law.

You have rights as a consumer to expect that products are safe for their intended use. When companies, manufacturers, or anyone involved in the chain of commerce of a product has caused you serious harm, a defective product lawyer is your best resource to determine liability, protect your rights, and recover damages for your injuries.

In Florida, defective product attorneys will guide you on the timelines to file a product liability lawsuit. It is important to get the medical attention you need as soon as possible and then contact our defective product lawyers to help with every step of the personal injury process. There are numerous laws that protect consumers against defective products, and we’ll counsel you on which laws are applicable, collect your medical records and evidence, and plan your best legal strategy.

Defective product attorneys in Florida help with a wide range of defective product claims, from clothing to furniture, medicines to electronics, vehicles and beyond, and each type of product has unique features and ways of manufacturing and selling it. Product defects under federal law generally fall within the three categories of manufacturing defects, design defects, or marketing defects. It is critical to keep the defective product for evidence purposes, take photos of your injuries and the shoddy product, avoid talking on social media about the incident and follow your doctor’s advice to get better as soon as possible.

With TK Law, we’ll seek the maximum possible for your lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and cost to replace or repair the damaged product. Our experience from more than 56 years in the courtroom, resources to hire experts that will be vital in your defective product case, and successful track record lets you know that we are the go-to defective product attorneys in Florida. From negotiating with insurers to aggressively representing you against opposing counsel and big companies, our defective product lawyers are dedicated to representing victims of defective products like you. Contact us at TK Law today and call 813-226-1080 for a free consultation.


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